iWeekend China

Internet entrepreneurs invited to fun weekend @ Beijing

An event to help Internet entrepreneurs build startups is coming to the capital on November 19.

Web developers, business managers and startup enthusiasts are encouraged to register today for the 80 available places at 200 yuan each.

Organized for the first time in China by three expats living and working in the capital and backed up by Chinese developers’ communities in Beijing, iWeekend is expected to bring refreshing concepts and the spirit of entrepreneurship to the local startup community.

The concept is to bring together talented entrepreneurs and professionals of different profiles to select a few ideas and work for the whole weekend to bring them to reality.

In the end, participants will have a prototype to present and a business they can keep growing.

Founded three years ago in Spain, iWeekend has a list of success stories: Award-winning Internet businesses grow out of it every year.

AdLemon, an advertisement platform specializing in blogs, grew out of the 2007 iWeekend event in Barcelona, Spain.

Trendtrotters, a trend searching service, grew out of the 2009 iWeekend event in Bilbao, Spain.

“I believe the best way to network is to work together,” said Olof Nordenstam, one of the organizers from Sweden and an entrepreneur himself. “More action and less talk.”

Having lived and worked in Spain, Nordenstam loved his experience participating in the iWeekend events there, which opened up “many opportunities.”

“The format of the event has been proven to work in other countries,” he said. “Combined with the size and growth of China I think this is a recipe for success.”

During the weekend, entrepreneurs will have mentors to turn to when they hit a problem. Mentors at this year’s iWeekend include Frank Yu, co-founder of Startup Digest and one of China’s “top geeks” named by CNN, Stephen Wang, co-founder of Rotten Tomatoes, and other established entrepreneurs.

“Events like iWeekend are great for the Beijing community,” said Frank Yu. “It brings the local community a taste of the startup competition and brings the culture of entrepreneurship in new technologies.”

“I’m also excited to meet Beijing’s next-generation entrepreneurs and learn from them.”

The Beijing iWeekend team hopes to establish a long-term presence, with the November event being the first of many.

iweekend has been organized 21 times in Spain, Mexico, Russia and India. This year four cities in Mexico and one in Spain are having iWeekend events on the same weekend as Beijing.

Participants can register at iWeekend China .


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