Top 5 Misconceptions about Soft Skills

1. Soft Skills equals good language command and vocabulary
Being able to use mere poetic words or big 14 letter words is no measure of possession of soft skills. Soft skills are about being able to apply the right language at the right time and at the right place.
2. Soft Skills equals good talking
There are more fundamental aspects than just oral communication to address for acquiring strong soft skills
3. Soft Skills is essential to management jobs but not for “technical jobs”
Whatever be the nature of the job you are in – technical, managerial, administrative etc – soft skills are absolutely essential. Don’t try to develop soft skills in an individual ‘Just in time’, it simply won’t work.
4. Soft Skills eliminate the need for “hard skills”
Soft Skills are not a camouflage for the lack of basic “hard skills”
5. People with Soft Skills are born, not made
Soft skills, like any other skills, can be honed by an individual just as he or she can hone programming skills.


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