7 People Dimensions of the 21st Century Corporation

7 People Dimensions of the 21st Century Corporation
1. Employment Security – Innovations in work practices or other forms of worker-management cooperation or productivity improvement are not likely to be sustained over time when workers fear that by increasing productivity they will work themselves out of a job. Organizations will be motivated to hire sparingly in order to keep their labour forces smaller and more productive.
2. Selective Hiring – Organization needs to be clear about the most critical skills and attributes in the applicant pool such as initiative, judgement, adaptability and their ability / willingness to learn. Screen on attributes that are difficult to change through training, for eg. Technical Skills are easier to acquire than Teamwork and a Customer Service attitude.
3. Self Managed Teams and Decentralization – Teams substitute peer-based control for hierarchical control of work. They also make all the people in a firm feel accountable and responsible for the operation and success of the enterprise.
4. Comparatively high compensation contingent on Organizational Performance
5. Extensive Training – Training is an essential component of high performance work environments since these environments rely on front-line employee skill and initiative to identify and resolve problems, to initiate changes in work methods and to take responsibility for quality.
6. Reduced difference in status – Organizations perform at a higher level when they are able to tap the ideas, skill and effort of all their people. Reducing the status distinctions that separate individuals and groups, causing some to feel less valued, helps make all members of the organization feel important and committed. For eg. Having the CEOs fortune rise and fall along with those of other employees produce a sense of common fate and reduced status differences.
7. Sharing of Information – The sharing of information on aspects such as financial performance, strategy and operational measures conveys to an organization’s work force that they are trusted.


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