Top 4 Factors that lead to employee satisfaction

Top 4 Factors that lead to employee satisfaction
1. Challenging Work: People prefer jobs that give them opportunities to use their skills and abilities, offer a variety of tasks, freedom and feedback on how well they are doing. These characteristics make work challenging.
2. Equitable Rewards: When pay is seen as fair based on job demands, individual skill level and community pay standards, satisfaction is likely to result. Similarly, employees seek fair promotion policies and practices. Individuals, who perceive that promotion decisions are made in a fair and just manner, therefore are likely to experience satisfaction from their jobs.
3. Supportive working conditions: Studies demonstrate that employees prefer physical surroundings that are not dangerous or uncomfortable. Most employees prefer working relatively close to home, in clean and relatively modern facilities and with adequate tools and equipment.
4. Supportive Colleagues: For most employees, work also fills the need for social interaction. Friendly and supportive co-workers lead to increased job satisfaction. Studies generally find that employee satisfaction is increased when the immediate supervisor is understanding and friendly, offers praise for good performance and listens and shows interest to employees’ opinions.


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