“ON THE JOB” Team Training – 7 things to look for

Today, there is an increasing emphasis on Team performance. Cross-functional teams are common features of many organizations. A team is a group of individuals who are working together towards a common goal. High performance teams exhibit / include the following components:

1. A clear sense of direction
2. Talented Members
3. Clear Responsibilities
4. Reasonable and Efficient Operating Procedures
5. Constructive Interpersonal Relationships
6. Active Reinforcement Systems
7. Constructive Relationships with other teams and key organizational players who are not members

Training can modify and enhance each of these. The training method should:
a) Motivate the trainee to improve his or her performance
b) Clearly illustrate desired skills
c) Allow the trainee to participate actively
d) Provide an opportunity to practice
e) Provide timely feedback on the trainee’s performance
f) Be Structured from simple to complex tasks
g) Encourage positive transfer from the training to the job

Ok, now comes the bigger challenge, how do you evaluate the training programs?
To assess the utility or value of training, you need to seek answers to the following questions:
1. Have trainees achieved a specific level of skill, knowledge or performance?
2. Did change occur?
3. Is the change due to training?
4. Is the change positively related to the achievement of organizational goals?
5. Will similar changes occur with new participants in the same training program?


One comment

  1. Sudhanshu Vohra · January 8, 2011

    Nice! When are you planning to conduct a worskhop on this? I should be back from my trip to S’pore – H’kong by end of Jan. Would love to be a part of it.


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