How to Search for YouTube Content?

Here’s a sample code snippet that illustrates a simple approach to search for YouTube content. This example searches for YouTube Videos that is related to Gangnam Style.

The example code has two parts (a) HTML – Search.html (b) JAVASCRIPT – Search.js. Check them out.

(a) Search.html that invokes

(b) Search.js
// Your use of the YouTube API must comply with the Terms of Service:

// Helper function to display JavaScript value on HTML page.
function showResponse(response) {
var responseString = JSON.stringify(response, ”, 2);
document.getElementById(‘response’).innerHTML += responseString;

// Called automatically when JavaScript client library is loaded.
function onClientLoad() {
gapi.client.load(‘youtube’, ‘v3’, onYouTubeApiLoad);

// Called automatically when YouTube API interface is loaded (see line 9).
function onYouTubeApiLoad() {
// This API key is intended for use only in this lesson.
// See to get a key for your own applications.


function search() {
// Use the JavaScript client library to create a search.list() API call.
var request ={
part: ‘snippet’, q:’gangnamstyle’


// Send the request to the API server,
// and invoke onSearchRepsonse() with the response.

// Called automatically with the response of the YouTube API request.
function onSearchResponse(response) {


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