How to Bring Campus Ideas to Life?

Most of us have dreamt about taking the Projects or Ideas that we developed during our campus lives to real life implementation. But things haven’t worked out as we wished due to lack of funds or other constraints. No worries, iElite offers a Solution to bring Campus Ideas to life via Crowd-Funding.

So how does Crowd Funding work?
Simple! The Crowd-Funding platform connects A Student or a group of Students with an innovative idea to a Potential Sponsor or Investor.

Any Prerequisites for Student Groups?
Ideally, students pursuing BTech / BE / MCA / BCA who have a strong interest in Innovative Projects or Ideas would be preferred.

How does an Investor Shortlist Ideas?
The Investor would evaluate the merit of the idea visa-vis current market conditions and agree to Sponsor the ‘Idea’ subject to Pre-conditions.

What would be those Pre-Conditions?
Commitment of the Team (Student Group) to the ‘Idea’, a Specific timeline to complete the product or Idea for eg 12-18 months and protection of the investment made by the Sponsor / Investor.

What kind of Ideas from the Student groups would generally get funded?
Ideas that Solve a compelling Social Problem would get first preference. However, Business ideas are also welcome on a case-to-case basis.

What Technology Domains would get Preference?
Ideally ideas related to Web based Platform, Mobile Devices, Robotics and Location Based Services (GPS etc) would be encouraged. That said, other technology domains will also be considered if the Student Group / Team can manage the project with minimal supervision or guidance.

Whom do we talk to or reach out to for more information?
For additional info and queries, email to


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