How to Get Started with Google Cloud Infrastructure?

The key to getting started with Google Cloud Infrastructure is to understand the Big Picture, overall Technical Architecture and possible Solution Scenarios that are currently supported by the platform:

Mobile Apps Technical Architecture and Solution Scenarios


Typical requirements for a compelling mobile solution include:

  • Support for Android and iOS devices through native applications
  • Storage, retrieval, and processing data outside of mobile devices
  • Orchestrating push notification to Android and IOS devices
  • Geo-location awareness and geo-proximity search
  • User authentication
  • High scalability mobile-app-10image00architecture-diag 

Web Application Technical Architecture and Solution Scenarios


Building a Web Application using AngularJS and Google Cloud Platform. AngularJS is a popular open source JavaScript client-side MVC framework supporting the rapid development of client-side applications.


A recent and significant change in web application frameworks has been the shift from Model-View-Controller (MVC) on the server to the MVC on the client.

Solution Overview

cloud-endpoints endpoints-architecture

Next Steps

Set up your development environment using Eclipse and explore Google App Engine SDK, check out –


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