Machine Learning on Android, is that possible?

I have been toying with the idea of trying out Machine Learning libraries on Android Platform but was always left with the option to build trivial applications given the constraints (processing) and limitations of the Mobile Platform. Until, I chanced upon TensorFlow that had some amazing documentation on how to leverage its Machine Intelligence library on Mobile.

A look at the app in real time:


The app accomplishes this feat using a bundled machine learning model running in TensorFlow on the device (no network calls to a backend service). The model is trained against millions of images so that it can look at the photos the camera feeds it and classify the object into its best guess (from the 1000 object classifications it knows). Along with its best guess, it shows a confidence score to indicate how sure it is about its guess.

Interested more about learning Image Recognition?

Looking for the demo app?

Try the Android build available at I’m sure it will get you excited!




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