Technology Research Resources

Check out the Pretotype It resource material. You would find it eye-opening and helpful as you create and test your Idea Prototypes (Note that, text uses the term “prEtotyping” – and it explains why – you can consider the concept of “prEtotyping” equivalent to the references to “prOtotyping” for the kind of experimentation you would want to conduct).

Pretotype It 2nd Pretotype Edition

List of Entrepreneurship Courses

Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1, by Chuck Eesley, Stanford University

Financing New Ventures, by Stephanie Marrus and Naeem Zafar, University of California San Francisco

Opportunity and Entrepreneurship, by Dennis Ceru, Babson Global

Financial Analysis of Entrepreneurial Ideas, by Shahid Ansari and Janice Bell, Babson Global

Lead Like an Entrepreneur, by David Bradford and Allan Cohen, Babson Global

DQ 101: Introduction to Decision Quality, Carl Spetzler, Strategic Decision Group

The Startup Pitch, by Chris Lipp, Kauffman Fellows Academy

Raising Startup Capital, by Clint Korver and Jenny Rooke, Kauffman Fellows Academy

Startup CEO, by Matt Blumberg and Clint Korver, Kauffman Fellows Academy

Mini MBA: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ivory Tower, by Eric Ball and Joseph Lipuma, Kauffman Fellows Academy

The Boardroom: Advanced Entrepreneurship, by Clint Korver, Kauffman Fellows Academy

Venture Capital 101, by Clint Korver, Miriam Rivera, Phil Wickham, Trish Costello and Ade Mabogunje, Kauffman Fellows Academy


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